How does it work?

PlayHash is a game operating on the Hedera Hashgraph platform. PlayHash is returning you instantly your prize, seconds after you send your transaction offering a near-instant experience. Bets are evaluated as soon as our mirror node is made aware of your transaction.

You can place a bet by sending hBars to one of the account listed in the bet options table. PlayHash receives notification of incoming transactions, evaluates win or lose, and generates a payment return transaction. If you win, your bet is multiplied by the prize multiplier and that amount is sent back.

Min / Max Bets

If you send funds with less than the minimum amount (0.1 hBar), the transaction will be ignored. If you send more than the maximum bet, you will play the max bet and the rest will be returned to you if you win. If you lose and the extra amount of hBars is greater than 0.1 hBars, we'll refund you anyway.

Available Games

Account ID: 0.0.
Multiplier: 1.2
Winning Bets: From 0 To 51773 (Max: 65535)
Odds: 79 %

Account ID: 0.0.
Multiplier: 2
Winning Bets: From 0 To 31130 (Max: 65535)
Odds: 47.5 %

Account ID: 0.0.
Multiplier: 5
Winning Bets: From 0 To 12452 (Max: 65535)
Odds: 19.0 %